No, it was the herring who did the juggling.

No, it was the herring who did the juggling.
Tiny little ginsu knives. Really very dangerous. One false move and they could have filleted themselves.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I made it to the concert! And it was AWESOME.

Also awesome are my new concert shirt and hoodie. I absolutely love metal concert merchandise.

I often find it disconcerting to return to the `real world`after a metal concert. The real world is so bright, and so loud, and is populated by so many irritating people. Yes, I am aware that a metal concert is loud. But it`s a different kind of loud; it`s deep, you can feel it in your bones, and it is awesome. Also, the limited light of the concert helps balance the intensity of the sound.

So while I am often irritated that the real world isn`t more like a metal concert, I am at least pleased that I have the option of periodically escaping into the dark awesomeness of metal.

And my exciting real-world tasks for today include:

Buy cat food. (Maybe if I do this my youngest will stop yowling pathetically when I try to feed her the high quality, and not cheap, food from the big bag I bought only recently.)

Finish a second load of laundry. (It turns out that I own, and wear, a surprising number of metal concert shirts, and all but my newest are dirty. These shirts aren`t exactly appropriate work attire for me, but hey look, I seem to have just now discovered one unexpected benefit to being off on sick leave yet again. Now sure, if I had a choice I would pick the ability to consistently earn enough money to support myself over the freedom to wear concert merchandise on a daily basis. However, I don`t seem to have this choice right now, so at least I am comfortably attired in yoga pants and a shirt that says Pure Fucking Metal. Who needs to earn money to pay for one`s mortgage, right? Sigh.)

Go to the food library*. Buy lemons. Go home. Make lemonade.

So yeah, that`s my day. And chances are I won`t be well enough to do all of it anyway! Awesome.

* Food library = grocery store. This is a Metalocalyypse reference, which probably is made clear in these screencaps from the very awesome episode The Curse of Dethklok.

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