No, it was the herring who did the juggling.

No, it was the herring who did the juggling.
Tiny little ginsu knives. Really very dangerous. One false move and they could have filleted themselves.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My love of data

So I'm back after a rather long blogging break. There are a variety of reasons for this break in posting, though none are particularly interesting. And since I've decided that succinctness is something towards which I would like to work, I'm not going to describe any of these reasons.

Well huh... it's harder than I would have thought to mention having reasons without providing further details. I wonder why I find this challenging? Let me ponder...


Well, I came up with one hypothesis: I am a huge fan of data. I like to have lots of data, and I like to know the source of data. I very much dislike seeing people (including me) forming opinions without having as much as possible of whatever data is appropriate to the particular situation. Now my difficulty not expanding on my reasons for not blogging isn't really the same thing, since I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything with my reasons for not posting to a tiny and completely unread blog. But I wonder whether my love of seeking out, evaluating, and sharing data can, if I'm not paying attention, spill over into other kinda-related contexts.

But it doesn't matter. Succinctness is my goal, and thus I shall stop typing for now...

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